6 Reasons Why You Should Quit GB WhatsApp

Tomilola Shitta
4 min readJul 20, 2020


Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Whatsapp is the most used messaging platform in the world today, allowing you to text, share photos, videos, location, and other files with your mobile contacts that use the platform. In contrast, so many modified versions of this messaging app have been in existence for a few years now.

GB WhatsApp is a cloned and modified version of WhatsApp that provides users with more functionalities and customizable settings. It is so enhanced that it makes the original app look like a no-brainer.

GB WhatsApp was first launched in early 2017, then other modified WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp plus, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and Aero WhatsApp were also built and followed suit in its diverse features.

Whatsapp (left), GB WhatsApp (right)

One of the biggest reasons people use these modified versions is because of its features and the ability to use two WhatsApps on a phone at the same time. Though, these apps are not on Google Play Store because they are not authorized and they need permission to be installed from external or unknown sources.

Why People Use GB WhatsApp

A lot of users use these apps because they are kind of tweaky and they are a little bit awesome, but not too awesome, you know, because it runs like a paradox. I get the fact that it makes users feel like they're premium hackers, maybe, haha. Enjoying its features is a whole vibe, but the detrimental aspects are much worse, which I'll explain later on.

If you’re a developer and you’re wondering how WhatsApp was able to be modified, it was modified through reverse-engineering. Most of the people that do these are Indians, and you know what Indians are capable of.

These modified apps allow users to camouflage their read receipts by hiding blue ticks, double ticks, and even online status. If you have a couple of private chats with any person, you can lock those particular chats with a password. Others triggering features are:

  • Previewing images and videos without downloading.
  • Sending broadcast messages to more than 600 people at once.
  • Customized app themes and fonts.
  • Do not disturb mode.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp stories.
  • Disable voice calls
  • Share videos up to 16GB.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • View deleted status and messages

Why quit GB WhatsApp?

Your data isn’t safe

Using unauthorized apps like these, there is no guarantee that your phone's data is safe. Just like the way some Chinese and Russian apps are made to steal your mobile stored data, it obvious an unauthorized app like GB WhatsApp will do the same. These kinds of apps might have links to third-party sites and therefore putting your data at risk.

It is illegal

GB WhatsApp is illegal, just like other modified WhatsApps. These modified versions are developed with the original app’s source code without WhatsApp Inc. permission, as they haven’t disclosed it freely to allow third parties to develop modified versions using its main source code. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp is not open-source, tech-savvy people know better.

You could be hacked

These apps have permissions to your microphone, camera, and media storage, so if you have sensitive data and information on your phone, third-party sites connected to these modified versions of WhatsApp could hack your account or even your device.

No encryption guarantee - There is a backdoor

Messages you share are not guaranteed that they are safe. Yes, guys, there is no guarantee that no third person will read your messages. There are chances that the texts, images, videos, and other files you send to your family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts are passing through a third party server. The original app guarantees you end-to-end encryption, unlike the modified versions which does not.

Malware and viruses

Using modified versions of WhatsApp, there is a high probability that you could be exposed to malware, spyware, and viruses. These viruses can damage your data, whereby putting you at risk and you’re responsible for any damage caused by these kinds of unauthorized apps.

You could be banned

Yeah, you could be banned but not for too long. For a long time now, WhatsApp has been banning Android users that use modified versions of its app. They have been receiving in-app notifications that their account has been banned temporarily. They were being forced back to go to the original version owned by Facebook.

Though, the developers of these modified versions have been able to add an anti-ban feature that avoids the temporary WhatsApp ban but that does not mean it is good to use these apps. You put yourself at risk when you use them.

The features in these modified versions are amazing, fact. But when weighing your options don’t just think about its features, think about its consequences by putting yourself and your data at risk. Never share confidential informations like passwords or banking credentials on apps like this.