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Tomilola is not easily described but best experienced. Summarizing it all, He is a Promising Writer, Techpreneur, Public Speaker & a Life Coach.
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Queen: I can’t sleep.

Slim: Want me to turn on the radio?

Queen: No, I want you to tell me a story.

Slim: What kind of story?

Queen: Any story. I don’t care.

Slim: When I was little, I asked my mum where babies come from. She said I was too young to know. Then I asked my dad and he said “babies are a product of two people that needed something from each other”. So I said, “Needed what?”. He said, “Maybe they needed to feel seen. Maybe they needed to feel loved. Maybe they need to be human.”

EFCC Operatives

Money is undoubtedly a primary motivation for internet fraudsters, not just in Nigeria but all over the world. Nevertheless, it is a different case in my country. Internet fraud which is popularly known as "Yahoo-Yahoo" is now a norm of the society.

My heart saddens whenever I read any headline that resonates with youths being indicted for this "Yahoo-Yahoo" of a thing, per se. I’ve always lamented that internet scammers have become role models for so many Nigerian youths.

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Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

You might be tired of hearing the quote "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", let me break it to you, pain is inevitable. The pain of yesterday is the strength of today.

But, it's not just physical pain. Research has shown that the disparity between physical pain and psychological pain in our brains is not much of a difference.

Yes, it hurts badly, life is short. Every phase of our lives, we are always looking for ways to have that fulfilling journey without pain. Without pain, there would be no suffering…

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The Internet was launched as an American military project in the late 1960s and has developed into a vast public spiderweb ever since. No entity owns the Internet or regulates it. No government or company can lay claim that they have ownership over the internet.

From another point of view, thousands of people and organizations own the internet because it consists of little bits and pieces, whereby they control the quality and access you have to the internet. While reading this article, you might consider yourself to be an owner of the internet because your device is part of the…

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Whatsapp is the most used messaging platform in the world today, allowing you to text, share photos, videos, location, and other files with your mobile contacts that use the platform. In contrast, so many modified versions of this messaging app have been in existence for a few years now.

GB WhatsApp is a cloned and modified version of WhatsApp that provides users with more functionalities and customizable settings. It is so enhanced that it makes the original app look like a no-brainer.

GB WhatsApp was first launched in early 2017, then other modified WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp plus, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp…

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Most of us didn’t really like economics as a subject back then in secondary school. Now we’ve grown older and we’ve started taking big responsibilities that are naturally inherent, and thus, pulls the balance of our financial stability.

A few weeks ago, I was very eager to read a book. So I decided to pick one from my dusty bookshelf where I kept all the books I used in secondary school. …

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Whether you call it "math", "maths" or the traditional way of calling it "mathematics", if you have an average or above minimal knowledge of counting numbers, then you already possess a skill to solve and analyze problems.

Being a mathematics major, your opportunities are immensely numerous in terms of job and career advancements. From careers in accounting, banking, actuarial science, meteorology, teaching, financial analysis, statistics, investment analysis, research (math), data science, and machine learning engineering; No one would argue that, right?

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I often define procrastination as the action of delaying or postponing to-do tasks. No matter who you are, during some stages of your life, you will constantly have to deal with Procrastination. Defeating it is difficult, even the toughest and most hardworking people constantly have to deal with it.

Procrastination is normal to occur, but the breaking point is how you deal with it. If procrastination was an Olympic sport, many people would have won a series of gold medals.

My favorite quote about procrastination is from Abraham Lincoln:

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

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You see, your Mental health is just as important as the meal you took a few hours ago. Consequently, it affects how you handle stress, feel, eat, relate to others, and make choices. According to WHO, more than 450 million people suffer from bad mental health and soon enough, depression will be the second-largest disease burden worldwide behind infectious and parasitic diseases.

Bad mental health is almost as equal to a continuous state of depression.

From the statistics alone, it’s clear that social media has become an integral (and to a large extent, unavoidable) part of our lives.

In this…

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You reading this article, I’m sure you have been surviving the effects of the pandemic that has caused respiratory illnesses in almost every country and now, your main focus should be about successfully thriving after the pandemic. People out there are losing their job and companies are cutting pay scales. As governments continue to ease lockdowns, you should also be ready to vigorously flourish when it is finally over.

After World War 2, the Coronavirus has had the most severe crisis since then. From cities under lockdown to our local communities, no one will tell their jobs wasn’t affected by…

Tomilola Shitta

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